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      With our professional and amazing team, you can rest assured that your service will be in the best of hands.

      Strict Quality Control

      We are a quality-driven company. Our goal is to make sure that every customer has their needs met and they leave satisfied with the product or service we provided them!


      We offer free estimates! We’re here for you whenever your home or office needs us.

      Protect The Environment Around You

      Be The Force of Change: Go Green!

      We offer cutting-edge designs and safe installation services for all solar energy systems, including solar PV and solar energy systems.

      The solar energy industry is changing rapidly, and we’re here to help you navigate the changes. We offer expertise in every stage of development from designing systems for custom homes or commercial buildings all the way up through installing them on rooftops -and later providing ongoing system support so they operate at maximum efficiency.

      We are committed to honesty, integrity, and professionalism. We value all perspectives but will never compromise on quality or customer service excellence.

      We’re Working for A More Sustainable Florida for The Upcoming Generations!

      We are committed to providing a respectful and safe work environment for our team members. We value knowledge-sharing, personal development, and social contributions of the employees as we empower them with making informed business decisions that will lead to advancements based on merit within their field while conducting ourselves professionally at all times through effective communication methods such as accountability results in profitability.

      Our Services

      We offer the following services in Florida!

      Residential Solar Energy

      Make a sustainable home for yourself and others around you!

      With our residential solar energy services, you can:

      • Save Electricity Bills
      • Reduce Carbon Footprint
      • Increase Value for Sale or Rent

      Commercial Solar Power

      Smart choices for smart businesses!

      • Achieve Energy Independence
      • Save Electricity Bills
      • Reduce Carbon Footprint
      • Do Your Part To Fight Climate Change

      Utility Solar Services

      Own a solar power plant, procure solar contracts, or offer solar to your customers with a reliable business partner.

      Transparent Solar

      We offer our customers both convenience and quality to ensure they kick-start their solar energy with a bang! From quick response time to meticulous installations and maintenance, we guarantee you the best solar experience!

      • Reputable & Big Firm

      • Take Projects Outside USA

      • Veteran Company

      Going Solar

      A pledge for a better world!

      What Does It Mean to Going Solar with Transparent Solar?


      Own your energy system and save on electricity bills and tax incentives.


      With our simple and affordable solar services, we make it easier to bring green energy to your home and office.


      Going solar is the best you can do to fight against climate change.


      Get rid of power outages and interruptions. Save energy and live a sustainable life!

      Customer Feedbacks

      Here Is What Our Customers Have to Say About Us!

      This Transparent Solar is A+ on all fronts. They offer professional guidance and live up to the expectations they set. Also, they are very patient and responsive to all concerns and queries. For me, the solar installation with them was a smooth and quick process. It has been months since the installation, and the system is working optimally, maintenance-free. Great company, great experience!

      One year since I got my solar system from Transparent Solar, and I have faced no issue of any kind till now! I am as greatly satisfied by its performance as I was on day one! It produces enough energy to offset the cost of systems at current electrical rates. Greatly recommend it!

      Choosing Transparent Solar was one of the best decisions I ever made! I was worried and concerned about so many things before going solar but after talking to Transparent Solar, I got the peace of mind- And of course, procured the best solution.  From punctuality, professionalism to excellent workmanship, everything was spot on! I am greatly contented and would absolutely recommend it to everyone.

      Working with Transparent Solar was an absolute pleasure. From the initial consultation to installation completion, I found them smart, quick, and professional. They were responsive to follow-up questions and their quality of work was absolute perfection as I can witness it from the best results for several months now!

      As a company that is committed to the satisfaction of its customers, we make it our goal through customer feedback and experience proactively seek ways in which solar energy can be more beneficial. We do this by constantly striving for improvements – whether they come from training or process measurement; all so you have an easier time using your system!


      Tons of Co2 Emissions Saved


      Kilowatt Installed

      Who We Are?

      Diverse Array of Services:

      Transparent Solar is a top-tier commercial & residential solar contractor. We have professional experts who have expertise in solar roofs and solar carport structures.

      We offer a wide range of solar services designed to get your project off the ground quickly and efficiently. From site evaluation, system design, or procurement – we have what it takes for any size contractor with our experience in getting projects done right!