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      About us.

      Transparent Solar is an alternative energy solution providing company in Texas, Florida, and Illinois.  We are committed to excellence and devoted to playing a significant role in combating the environmental crisis.  We put customer service first and foremost. Our team of experts is focused on maximizing the value for our customers’ solar energy assets by providing expert advice and ongoing system support throughout each project’s lifecycle – from start to finish! We believe in honesty and integrity above all else. Our diverse backgrounds help us think outside the box while maintaining compatibility among team members who work together like family towards common goals: safety during installation phases as well as teamwork communication within groups involved with each individual customer’s account at any given time.

      Dedicated Teams

      We take pride in our team of the most competent and experienced technical professionals in the area.

      Focus On Innovation

      We are an innovation-driven company and commit to ensuring services par excellence. We use state-of-the-art and cutting-edge technologies and set the bar high for the competitors.

      Journey of Transparent Solar

      Transparent Solar is a contractor for commercial and residential solar roofs and solar carport structures. We offer professional maintenance services to keep your system running smoothly, as well as deploy certified technicians on-site during installation or solar removal from its mounting location. We send our award-winning project management team to oversee your solar project to ensure it is done meticulously and efficiently.

      Transparency Solar at first may seem like just another solar company until you realize what this really means; our transparent approach ensures that customers can feel confident about choosing us because they know all aspects related to their projects will be handled ethically by contractors who take pride in being able to show up every day knowing there’s nothing more important than doing whatever needs to be done.