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      Solar energy is an abundantly accessible, clean, and a renewable power source. Anyone with solar panels can take advantage of this endless supply by generating their own electricity at home! Not only does it help save money on utility bills but also reduces our carbon footprint due to renewable energy sources like wind or water.

      Installing solar panels is an investment in the future. With analysts forecasting continued increases in electricity rates, this energy independence protects against rising costs and volatility that can be caused by fuel prices or other factors outside our control like climate change.

      A great way to protect yourself against these ups and downs is installing a solar system at home which generates its own power – whether you need just enough for your household’s basic needs (such as running appliances); all bandwidth imaginable through battery storage systems.

      It doesn’t get much better than that so why wait?

      Residential Solar Energy

      Increase the value of your home, reduces electricity bills, and reduce carbon footprint.

      Commercial Solar Power

      Smart choice of smart businesses.  Make your office an energy-abundant place and get rid of dependence on the power grid.

      Utility Solar Services

      Own a solar power plant, procure solar contracts, or offer solar to your customers with a reliable business partner.

      EV Charging

      We can help your property increase in value and become a hub for EV charging. We offer EV charging solutions to residential and commercial customers to ensure meeting the growing demand for EV charging!

      Portable Solar

      We have a proven track record of providing unbeatable portable solar and power solutions. We produce affordable solar systems to make solar power acquirable for everyone.


      Invest in a solar inverter- the brain of the solar power system and get peace of mind for at least 25 years in the future.

      Maintenance Plans & Services

      We have a long-standing commitment to providing sustainable and innovative energy solutions, which is why we maintain renewable assets. By partnering with Transparent Solar, you can be sure that your investment will not only optimize generation but also maximize return on investment!

      Battery & Solar Battery Backup

      With Transparent Solar, you can back up your whole home with a solar-powered battery that’s best in class. Choose from our many customized plans to suit the needs of any family!